We believe that you can be brave enough to talk about it. We care about whatever experience you had (+ the feelings you’re having now). When you’re ready, we’ll be here.

There is such a feeling of safety and freedom to be in a place with post abortion support. There is power and freedom in telling your story. Even if you don’t want to shout it- because it’s not crazy to want to talk about your abortion experience but not want to talk about such an emotional experience with just anyone.


Upcoming Post Abortion THJ Events

The next session of The Healing Journey starts January 12, 2021

Here at Clarity, that place is called The Healing Journey, or THJ. At THJ, groups are kept to only five participants and either meet in Elizabethtown or Radcliff depending on the session. This nine-week study, Surrendering the Secret, is lead by passionate leaders who are also post-abortive and who understand the process it takes to find healing.

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What is Surrendering the Secret?

Without question, abortion can be one of the most traumatic experiences in a person’s life. You are not alone. Millions upon millions of women and men hide the heartbreak, shame, and loss of a past abortion. It’s time to heal!

Surrendering the Secret is a powerful 8-step Bible study that helps hurting people find the path to healing and freedom through the hope of Scripture; meaningful hands-on experiences; unique journaling exercises; and a confidential, caring community.

Through this study you will understand:

  • how looking back helps you get ahead;
  • the truth about abortion as one of the most common surgical procedures for women in the U.S. and its devastating aftermath;
  • why confronting anger and embracing forgiveness sets you free;
  • the guaranteed path to forgiving yourself;
  • how God wants to use your past to find freedom and purpose in your future.

Many women who have experienced abortion hide the secret deep in their hearts and suffer in silence. Surrendering the Secret enables women to release this burden and find freedom through honest, interactive Bible study; meaningful group experiences; unique journaling exercises; and confidential, caring community.

This powerful, redemptive study helps each hurting woman find her personal path to healing. Pat Layton, the author and writer of this bible study, also has written a booklet for post abortive men that works alongside her new edition of Surrendering the Secret.

    The Healing Journey at Clarity Solutions offers this Bible Study  twice a year:                 

Winter & Summer

Jan. – March & July – Sept.   


  • Ideal for promotion during sanctity of human life emphasis
  • Ministry and recovery for women and men who have experienced pain and shame of abortion; helps them reconnect with church if they are not involved
  • Help ministry leaders know how to intentionally minister to women and men in pain and subsequent recovery and healing post-abortion

The next session of The Healing Journey starts January 12, 2021, and will continue every Tuesday night from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at 116 E. Memorial Drive in Elizabethtown. 

If you are interested in attending the next session of THJ


Email alex@clarityky.com

Text Alexandra, our THJ leader at 270-883-1499.

This is a secure and confidential way to contact us for more information.


If you aren’t quite ready to start the study but would like to get to know the group make sure to ask about the next Post Abortive Support Meeting. 


Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats also help continue healing.
Check out the Rachel’s Vineyard Website for retreat information.